Put Transylvania in your pocket!

goTransylvania is the first app which completely covers all the important aspects of Transylvania. This way it helps travelers and people living here alike, by providing accurate descriptions, maps and pictures, all of these constantly updated and expanded. It offers the experience of a true pilgrimage through the architecture, natural phenomenons and all the amazing hidden places in Romania, locations which aren't usually that publicised but are worth the trek if you are interested in wilderness or experiences offered to you in their purest form. Maps aren't everything, tips and tricks make for a great encounter, giving you the added bonus of getting to know a place as if you were on of the habitants, learning secrets passed down through generations and now collected into an app that has the power to open Transylvania up to the world and vice versa. City breaks and picturesque villages are beckoning to you with easy navigation and the feeling of a trip well planned. Find the best places to stay, the greatest flavours to taste and that easy feeling of waking up in a quaint little old house, knowing you have discovered something that will be taken home with you long after your trip is over. Make these tours truly yours and keep them planned in your pocket. Visit the wonders, traditions and heritage of this land with an app that has been developed to be a partner on your trips. Take chances and follow it where it may lead you, keeping your eyes open in the meantime for any long forgotten monuments, legends lying dormant and traditions waiting to be resurrected. Thank you for your trust.

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